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With Allah

All-encompassing, the worship of Allah defines one’s path, giving a meaning to the mundane reality of everyday life. Reminded through five daily prayers preceded by a ritual cleansing to follow the right path, the Muslims adhere to strict rules, with the virtues of faith, purity and obedience being imparted early in life.

Chosen to be the spiritual leaders of tomorrow, boys as young as eight years old, leave their families to follow the Al Hafiz path. Staying at boarding schools adjacent to mosques, they are gently guided by the Islamic elders, spending their days cultivating purity of soul, mind and body, and memorizing with a heartfelt devotion the 6236 Arabic verses of Quran. A mastery that earns them respect and inspires pride across the entire community.


Jumu'ah, Friday Prayer

Masjid Al Ehsan


Screening Time: 11:30 min

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