Cultural Heritage Films




A visually striking cornucopia of colors, sounds and emotions, my cultural films captivate with an atmosphere of exciting immediacy, making the viewer feel like a participant rather than just an observer. Capturing time-honored traditions, distinct customs and fascinating rituals of your region, my films pay tribute to local communities, preserve the rich cultural heritage of your destination for generations to come, and spark the curiosity of travelers across the globe, unleashing their desire to experience the mystical ceremonies, sacred rituals and cultural festivities firsthand. 


Once a year, the Hindus gather at their temples to evoke in a week-long ritual their Gods. A fire offering of herbs and spices fills the temple with an intoxicating scent., the medium slowly raises a ritual pot filled with the nectar of immortality. Attuning to the hypnotic sound of drums, the devotees begin to fall in trance, letting sharp lances pierce their skin, running barefoot over glowing ash . . . All to prove to the Gods their devotion as a thank you for past blessings, and a heartfelt prayer that their current wishes may be granted.



Embracing death as a natural part of the worldly existence,  and cremation as a rite of passage that may end the painful cycle of death and rebirth and open the doors to Nirvana, the Buddhist community gathers to bid a farewell to their beloved master.  As the bond between a spiritual teacher and his followers transcends time and space, watching his mummified body go up in ritual flames and turn into ash becomes the teacher’s final lecture: an opportunity to love without attachment, to embrace the impermanence of the here and now and to come to terms with one’s own mortality that ceases to be an abstract concept the moment you hold in your hands the bones of a beloved person.


THE SACRIFICE / DAOISM              12:45 MIN

Once a year, the Daoists gather to observe a sacred ceremony, inviting the great Jade Emperor to descend from the heavens, safeguard the community from any misfortune and bestow his blessings. To prove that they are worthy of his grace, chosen mediums lend their bodies to divine powers. Entering a deep state of trance, they run through blazing flames, cut with sharp swords through the tender flesh of their tongues to sacrifice blood on behalf of the community -  bringing about a year of good luck and prosperity for all.


WITH ALLAH / ISLAM                 11:30 MIN     

All-encompassing, the worship of Allah permeates every aspect of life, reminding Muslims through five daily prayers preceded by a ritual cleansing to embrace the virtues of obedience, faith and purity. Boys as young as eight years old leave their families to stay at a boarding school adjacent to a mosque, committed to the Al Hafiz path. Gently guided by the Islamic elders, they spend their days cultivating purity of soul, mind and body, and memorizing with a heartfelt devotion the 6236 Arabic verses of the Quran. A mastery that inspires pride across the entire community and makes them the spiritual leaders of tomorrow.