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Celebrated on international ethnographic Film Festivals and screened in the USA, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic & Spain, my award-winning cultural films pay tribute to thousands of years old traditions - creating awareness of your country's fascinating rituals across the globe & preserving your cultural heritage for generations to come.

Worlds apart from conventional event coverage, my films harness the power of cinematic storytelling, taking the audience on an emotional rollercoaster ride.  Immersive sound design coupled with intense close-up shots create the illusion of standing right in the middle, making the audience hold their breath as the suspense grows, and let out a sigh of relief as the tension dissolves . . .  

The realization that what appears to be a fascinating movie is, in fact, reality and that one can experience exotic cultures and spiritual rituals in their raw, undiluted form, is all a traveler needs to get excited about planning a trip to your country to uncover the mysteries firsthand.

  • 8 -15 minutes

  • Full Definition, MP4

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"Authentic, immersive, powerful... Films with a

National Geographic feel!!"

"Azmil Munif Bukhari, Marketing Director, Tourism Division, Government of Malaysia

"What a captivating story!

You should be writing novels."

Maria McErLane,  celebrity writer Sunday Times, Daily Mail & Esquire, United Kingdom

Sebastian Werner, Curator

Humanity Shots Exhibition


You have such an eye for photography! Unique angles, original take, perfect timing... World-class pictures!


Some events have a greater potential to be turned into captivating films than others, and the duration and structure of an event have implications on the ideal length of a film. I'm happy to provide guidance as to what event to feature and recommend based on experience optimal production length. 


As my films aim to impart the deep cultural meaning of the portrayed ceremonies,  a true understanding on my part is key. While I conduct independent research, any information your Tourism Board or the head of the cultural community may be able to provide during the pre-production stage will be of great value, directly contributing to the quality of the final product

I arrive two days ahead of the event to scout location and discuss with the community leaders the sequence of the ritual, the expected visual and contentual highlights as well as the cultural significance of distinct ritual steps. Should communication with the community leaders present a challenge due to a language barrier, your Tourism Board will arrange the assistance of an interpreter.


The post-production time, as well as cost depend on the duration of the event, the desired length of the film and the potential inclusion of still images and other marketing material available on an optional basis.     


A customized proposal can be provided as soon as these variables have been specified.



In contrast to large-scale productions that demand a crew, complex arrangements, and an elaborate set-up, the employed observational documentary filming style is defined by minimalism. Apart from obtaining the necessary permits and release forms from the filmed community members in accordance with your country's regulations, no arrangements from your side are needed.


A single filmmaker armed with essential equipment, and not attempting to modify the surroundings or to influence the natural course of the event, I attract hardly any attention. This approach makes it not only possible to capture truly authentic moments; it also warrants that the performed rituals are not disrupted in any way.


Intrigued by the idea to celebrate the diversity of local cultures through a COLLECTION OF SHORT FILMS but not entirely ready to commit to a large-scale project yet?  Booking a single production is an excellent way to test the waters! You get to experience how I work, see for yourself how travelers respond to the first published film and can thus make informed decisions down the road.


The preferential rates reserved for multiple productions will be retroactively applied to the pilot film, provided the collection booking is made within 6 months after the single production has been delivered. 

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