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A travel filmmaker fascinated by exotic cultures? Still waiting for the breakthrough

that will allow you to turn your passion into a lucrative source of income?

With cultural tourism experiencing across the globe unprecedented growth, and immersive video content proven to be the most effective marketing tool to promote cultural events,  filmmakers specialized in ethnographic productions are in high demand by tourism boards,  large-scale travel companies as well as airlines.


An intensive hands-on workshop led by an award-winning European cultural filmmaker based in Asia gives away the secrets of the trade.






10. -20. SEPTEMBER 2021


07. -17. MAI 2022 






Aiming to impart specialized skills that will empower you to establish yourself as a cultural filmmaker sought after by tourism boards and travel companies, the course is designed for filmmakers and vloggers with a keen interest in foreign cultures.

Medium to advanced skills in both, shooting and video editing is a prerequisite. 

You are expected to bring your own camera, sufficient number of batteries and SD cards to cover a full-day shoot, external hard drive and a laptop with editing software of your choice. On-camera led-light, white-balance tools & monopod are recommended.  


Developed based on years of experience, the workshop covers all crucial aspects of cross-cultural filmmaking from culturally sensitive conduct and applicable laws, through gaining access to rituals not open to the public, to establishing the trust necessary for getting authentic close-up shots of your subjects.

You will learn how to sharpen your instincts, tune into the energy of spiritual happenings and intuitively follow their uncertain flow and unpredictable dynamics. You will master the art of capturing emotionally charged moments and learn how to quickly identify in a crowd charismatic subjects that will become the lead characters of your films, ensuring you return to the editing suite with the most compelling scenes possible.

You will enhance your composition skills, learning how to navigate the fast-paced environment of cultural events while choosing intriguing angles, deciding on optimal focal length and framing your shots for maximum impact and optimum coverage that ensures plenty of freedom in the post-production phase.

Applying the acquired skills hands-on, you will shoot a fascinating 2-days-long cultural event.

The post-production classes will focus on the art of story-finding and the building of a narrative arc that turns seemingly unrelated shots into a story that instantly grabs a viewer's attention and keeps him hooked until the very end.

Special attention will be given to sound design starting with the selection of a powerful score and progressing to a masterful mix with on-site audio recording and sound effects that bring your film to life.


A wealth of practical tips pertaining to continuity from screen direction consistency, through music transitions to color-grading will ensure you will deliver a seamless & polished end-product that will impress your clients, enchant the audience and wow the juries of film festivals while paying tribute to the cultural heritage of the community you portray. 


Braced with the newly gained post-production know-how, and with a hard drive filled with fascinating footage, you will start editing your film towards the end of the workshop, enjoying individual hands-on support whenever you encounter creative or technical challenges.


You will continue with the edit at your own pace over the next three months in the comfort of your home while having access to a dedicated Facebook group set up so that you can regularly exchange with your peers and support each other on your creative journey.

You will be able to upload a film in progress to a pass-protected Vimeo channel for the tutor's review. Two half-hour-long personal online feedback sessions will be available to each participant,  with the tutor providing guidance and assisting with creative challenges.

You will receive a written feedback report upon submitting your final work, designed to assist you with further development.  The best 3 films will be showcased on my storyteller website, enjoying the exposure of potential clients.


Landing the assignments of our dreams depends on the quality of your work as much as on your ability to market your services.


The OPTIONAL marketing course scheduled immediately after the main workshop imparts in 3 intense days the underlying principles of a successful marketing strategy.

An array of actionable tips on effective online presentation, convincing sales pitches, compelling proposals, smart pricing strategies, negotiations, and contracts will empower you to define your signature style, find your spot in the market, attract the right clients and develop a thriving business as a cultural filmmaker.


CULTURAL WORKSHOP     10 DAYS              2750 EURO



  • Accommodation, double occupancy

  • 3 meals daily, dinner on arrival day, breakfast and lunch on departure day

  • internet access

  • transportation to shooting venue

  • shooting permits

MARKETING COURSE           3 DAYS                 1350 EURO

Full-board accommodation, double occupancy in price included.

30% due for payment upon registration (non-refundable)

Full payment to be settled 30 days prior to the workshop


Flights, airport transfer & visa are not part of the workshop packages and have to be arranged and paid for by the participants separately.


Located off the west coast of Peninsula Malaysia, just a short flight away from Kuala Lumpur, Langkawi is a fascinating multicultural destination!! Walking up the stairs of the grand Chinese temple, you will hear from a nearby mosque the muezzin’s call to prayer, and if you were to pass through the darkness of a cave hidden underneath a Thai monastery, you will emerge in front of an Indian temple. Following the mystical paths of their ancestors, the Daoist, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu communities practice thousands of years old rituals to honor their Gods and spiritual teachers just the way their forefathers did.  For the few who are invited to witness these sacred ceremonies an out of this world experience! 

Wondering what else has Langkawi to offer? Accorded in 2007 the status of the very first UNESCO GEOPARK in Southeast Asia, the picturesque archipelago of 104 tiny islands sprinkled over the emerald-green Andaman sea tempts with white sandy beaches, pristine waterfalls, mountains older than the Himalayas, mysterious caves and 10 million years old rainforests that teem with wildlife. So if you have the time, you may want to add a few leisurely days prior or after the workshop to make the most of your trip to the Malaysian tropics.


35 min drive from the airport, with Grab and Taxis readily available, the workshop venue is easy to reach. Situated at the edge of a rainforest and surrounded by fruit orchards and meadows, the boutique hideaway provides the perfect learning environment coupled with comfort-accommodation, a swimming pool & BBQ in a tropical garden for leisurely hours at the end of the day. 

Should you chose to arrive prior to the workshop or to extend your stay beyond the duration of your course,  you get to enjoy preferential rates.







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