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Having traveled the world and lived on three continents, I developed early in life keen interest in foreign cultures and fell in love with the natural beauty of our planet. Marrying my talents polished through studies in Cultural Anthropology, Visual Ethnography, Literature & Arts with the desire to inspire travelers to embark on a discovery journey of their own, I established myself as a Feature Writer, contributing since 1997 to prestigious travel & lifestyle magazines such as Hideaways, Leisure Travel, Merian, Wanderlust & Escapism Travel Magazine.


But the power of words when it comes to conveying the sensory nature of travel experiences is limited, and so I eventually ventured into filmmaking. A fateful move as telling stories through short, emotionally charged films became the greatest passion of my life!


Especially drawn to the cultures of Southeast Asia, I established in 2011 a Creative Agency specialized in content creation for the tourism industry, choosing as a base Malaysia that provides due to its central location excellent access to the entire region.

'Work is love made visible . . .


Kamila Delart


Initially focusing on my new country of residence, I have been working with THE GOVERNMENT OF MALAYSIA, THE TOURISM BOARDS OF INDIVIDUAL STATES, DOMESTIC AIRLINES as well as AWARD WINNING LUXURY PROPERTIES such as the iconic rainforest hideaway The Datai Langkawi, Ritz-Carlton & Four Seasons.


Geographically expanding, I now cater to clients across Southeast Asia while leading global workshops in Cultural Heritage Films.


I'm passionate, curious and as most artists a little eccentric. While completely in my element when exploring the world and meeting people from diverse cultures, I equally love the hermit phase of post-production and the creative flow that often lets me forget my lunch while I'm editing.

I enjoy good books, love long philosophical conversations and rejuvenate swimming laps and strolling through nature. 

The world is full of magic, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” 

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