Mangrove Discoveries




Shot in a documentary style, the film harnesses the power of authentic moments. With the boatman remaining invisible throughout the entire film, the viewer is given the space to imagine himself in his place, which lends the production a highly suggestive power.

Steering away from interpretative narratives and subtitles, the film speaks a universal language of emotions and naturally commands the viewers' attention needed to give a personal meaning to what they see.


Long takes and deliberate pacing induce a sense of deep calm and harmony, A complex soundscape with 3D ambient recordings, amplified location sounds and thoughtfully selected music that triggers emotions, conveys a multi-dimensional sense of place that effectively fuels the travelers' desire to experience a place firsthand. 

A poetic Slow Travel Nature Film that captures the pristine beauty of the Tanjung Rhu Mangroves that are part of Langkawi UNESCO Geopark / Malaysia.

A fascinating boat exploration that leads along spectacular limestone formations with trees and bushes deeply rooted in the crevices of ancient rocks, to enter an ever-changing landscape ruled by the tides that turn the area into a mystical floating forest and reveal, as the water goes down, previously hidden sandbanks that teem with crabs and bizarre mudskippers.

Winding its way through the mangrove labyrinth, the boat reaches lagoons anxiously guarded by white-bellied sea eagles and brahminy kites, to find itself a moment later in a narrow channel inhabited by swimming macaques. A discovery journey full of surprises.


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