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T h e  Power of Gods

Once a year, the Hindus gather at their temples to evoke in a week-long ritual their Gods. A fire offering of herbs and spices fills the temple with intoxicating scent. The medium slowly raises, carrying on his head the sacred kumbam, a ritual pot filled with the nectar of immortality. The ceremony can begin.

Attuning to the hypnotic sound of drums, the devotees begin to fall in trance, with their bodies instantly inhabited by divine powers. Mere vessels of their Gods, they stick out their tongues, demand a cigar, spin in a dance of craze… The godly presence is so palpable, emotions run high with the followers screaming, fainting, bursting into uncontrollable laughter. And as the ecstasy reaches its zenith, the worshippers offer their skin to be pierced with hooks and lances as a sacrifice of flesh and blood, run barefoot over glowing ash. All to prove to the Gods their devotion! As a thank you for past blessings and a heartfelt prayer that whatever their desire the most may come true.

Screening Time 11 min

Temple Ceremony, Sri Maha Mariamman Devasthanam



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