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"Authentic, immersive, powerful... Films with a

National Geographic feel!!"

"Azmil Munif Bukhari, Marketing Director, Tourism Division, Government of Malaysia

"What a captivating story!

You should be writing novels."

Maria McErLane,  celebrity writer Sunday Times, Daily Mail & Esquire, United Kingdom

Sebastian Werner, Curator

Humanity Shots Exhibition


You have such an eye for photography! Unique angles, original take, perfect timing... World-class pictures!

While I have no secret recipe that miraculously charms away the global crisis experienced by the tourism industry around the world - specializing in multisensory nature productions, I'm uniquely positioned to help you capitalize on what's currently your greatest asset.


Not only untouched but thriving ever since the virus interrupted humans in their activities, nature embodies everything travelers crave right now!

  • Expansive landscapes & pristine beaches that let us freely roam.

  • A safe place away from civilization with her crowds and the uninterrupted flow of distressing news.

  • Fresh air infused with the aroma of trees, bushes, and herbs with powerful healing properties. 

  • A life-affirming habitat that teems with families of playful monkeys,  birds that chirp their cheerful songs and prehistoric reptiles that walk our earth for thousands of years - defying droughts, bushfires, floods and whatever else came their way! 


Combining the power of visual storytelling and narratives, my campaigns reach the audience on multiple levels  - stirring emotions, tempting the senses, and intriguing the mind. While the variety of employed media ensures an exciting content mix, it is their synergy and the consistency of the underlying message that makes my campaigns so persuasive.

At the core of the tourism recovery campaign is a series of short films with 3D soundscape that captures in 3-5 min long episodes the stunning Nature Reserves and Geoparks of your region. Strategically timed social media posts with hero-shots that depict the highlights of the upcoming episode keep the audience on their toes in-between the sequels. Accompanying narratives illuminate the fascinating details of featured flora and fauna to intrigue the curious mind. 


Employing an artistic filmic style, refined photography, and sophisticated narratives, my Destination Campaigns are designed to appeal to the discerning taste of well-educated affluent travelers in quest of extraordinary nature experiences. 


Completely omitting voice-over and subtitles, the films speak a universal language of emotion which makes them an effective marketing tool regardless of the market you are targeting. Marrying captivating close-ups, magnified locations sounds, and powerful music, my films take travelers on an immersive sensory journey that reveals just enough to spark curiosity and unleash their imagination.

Luring with new discoveries just before the memory of the preceding episode fades, my destination campaign keeps travelers in a constant state of anticipation that inevitably culminates in the desire to experience the natural beauty of your region firsthand.


Published on your website, distributed via YouTube & your social media channels, and enthusiastically shared by associated travel agencies, the campaign will quickly reach travelers across the globe - inspiring early travel in regional markets and gradually building desire overseas that will translate into bookings once long-haul travel becomes an option again. 


Since the buying power of domestic travelers in developing countries is limited, I anticipate an early shift to regional tourism. Taking into account

  • affinity to nature

  • buying power

  • effective management and early

      recovery from the Covid 19 crisis


South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong & China (narrow but numerous segment) currently appear as the most promising inbound markets to target in the NEAR FUTURE.

With 48-66% travelers from these markets considering remarkable scenery, tranquil beaches, world-class nature and wildlife experiences the main motivator when choosing a holiday destination, a  nature campaign targeting these markets is sure to fall on fruitful ground. 


Affluent, well educated and environmentally conscious, nature lovers from these countries tend to respond to similar marketing stimuli as mature western travelers, which makes the campaign highly relevant when targeting in the NEXT STAGE intercontinental travelers, particularly those from Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom,  Germany & France. 


Although making specific plans at this stage of the pandemic is a challenge, a proactive stance ensuring that at least part of the recovery campaign is ready to go the moment the regional travel restrictions are lifted will be key in the highly competitive climate of Southeast Asia.

   Taking into account

  • the necessary production time

  • once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture truly pristine landscapes and wildlife encounters unimaginable in pre-corona times

I'm ready to get on a plane as soon as flights between Kuala Lumpur and your destination resume, and the mandatory entry-quarantine in Malaysia and your destination are lifted. Of course, special precautions will need to be taken on my and your part to minimize the risk of infection.


Since the campaign targets affluent, sophisticated, and environmentally conscious travelers, generally willing to pay premium prices for high-quality tourism products that contribute to nature conservation and benefit local communities, attracting these markets is not only a smart short-term strategy but one with great long-term benefits in terms of sustainable travel. 


While designed to spark tourism recovery during post-corona times, the multimedia content the campaign consists has a timeless appeal and can be repurposed in your marketing initiatives for years to come.


I invite you to further explore my website to get a feel for the unique style of my work,  to read the reviews of industry experts and travelers featured in the signature style section, and to find answers to the many practical questions you may have when considering to work with me. 


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