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While I hold the key to tapping into the emotions of Western Travelers who look at the world through the same lens as I do, only you can unlock the secrets of your destination!


By opening hidden doors, sharing wonderous places off the beaten path I would have never found on my own, by letting me discover the beauty of a place you call proudly home. 


You through the intimate knowledge of your destination and me by employing my artistic vision, talents and skills to turn it into a film that will strike a chord with Western travelers.

FAM trip conceptualized as a sensory immersion experience and a scouting opportunity will include brainstorming sessions with your marketing team.

As the role of a local assistant who will act throughout all filming trips as an interpreter and adviser on culturally sensitive conduct is crucial, I may want to use the FAM trip also to interview suitable candidates.


Back at my agency, I conduct further research, evaluate suggested episode themes based on their appeal to mature western travelers as well as their cinematic and storytelling potential. Upon sharing my findings with your tourism board, we will agree on a general blueprint and draft an itinerary for my first filming trip. 


As opposed to large-scale productions that require a crew, complex arrangements, and an elaborate set-up, the deployed observational documentary shooting style is defined by minimalism.


While you are expected to arrange flights, inland-transfers, accommodation, access to potentially restricted areas, and necessary filming permits according to the laws of your country/state, the actual shoot requires no special preparation.


Either alone or accompanied by a local assistant, armed with essential equipment, and not attempting to modify the surroundings or to influence the natural course of events, I attract hardly any attention. The everyday life of residents and the holiday experience of visiting travelers is therefore not disrupted in any way.


The post-production work is carried out back at my creative agency. The creation of each film episode involves the following steps:


Organisation & filing of footage, selection of most compelling shots, sourcing of soundtracks, assembly, rough cut, story finding & plot arc, extensive editing work, rhythmical pacing, color grading, ambient sound & foley, and thumbnail design.


The post-production time varies depending on the desired length of sequels. As a general estimate, a short film of 4-5 minutes requires approximately three weeks to be completed. Longer productions of 12-15 minutes take around 6 weeks. 


As the CULTURAL HERITAGE FILMS celebrate authentic experiences rather than staged performances, the timing is determined by the dates set by the community whose rituals are to be showcased.  Timely communication for this type of event is key.

Whenever possible, I should arrive two days ahead of the event to scout the location and discuss with the community leaders the sequence of the ceremony, the expected visual and contentual highlights as well as the cultural significance of distinct ritual steps.

The timing and frequency of my filming trips for SLOW TRAVEL NATURE PRODUCTIONS will be arranged according to your preferences. We can schedule an individual trip for each episode or plan a longer stay that will allow me to collect material for two episodes during a single visit. 


In general, 7 shooting days are required to capture material for one sequel. The exact time needed depends on the predictability of weather, the distance between shooting locations, the accessibility of particular areas, and the estimated ease of filming. Productions that revolve around wildlife demand understandably more time since nature is unpredictable and planning possible only to a limited extent.


The strategic location of my agency in the very heart of Southeast Asia ensures low travel costs. With all filming and editing work carried out by me personally, I am able to keep the production cost down which is reflected in the competitive pricing of my Destination Campaigns.


The specific cost of a series depends on the requested number of episodes and the desired length of the sequels. A custom proposal is provided as soon as these variables are specified. 


Travel expenses, accommodation, inland transportation, per diem allowance, admission fees, filming permits and any other expenses directly related to the film production are paid by the client as they arise.

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